A Development Opportunity
in Southeast Alaska

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Aug 06, 2020:
Heatherdale Announces $2.5 Million Private Placeme...
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Jul 14, 2020:
Heatherdale Nominates Birak, Stewart, Thome and Va...
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Jul 02, 2020:
Heatherdale Expands Technical Team, Appointing Rya...
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Project Benefits

Careers in Mining

Did you know there are more than 120 occupations in the mining industry? An operating mine offers a wide range of vocational opportunities, such as jobs for engineers, geologists, accountants, human resource managers, environmental specialists, tradesmen, heavy equipment operators, truck drivers, processing plant operators, general labourers, clerical staff and other employees as necessary.

More information on mining training and jobs can be found on the University of Alaska Southeast's website at http://www.uas.alaska.edu/career_ed/mining/index.html.